Steering Committee

A volunteer steering committee was formed in October 2013 to commit to building a QPIN network to increase Quaker participation in efforts to end the Israeli occupation and build a lasting, just peace in Palestine and Israel. The committee will facilitate the sharing of ideas, energy, and experiences among Friends as they seek to educate their Meetings and Churches about Palestine & Israel and to encourage support for boycott and divestment campaigns, sanctions, and other efforts.

 In its initial work, Steering Committee members will form a regular basis for communicating with each other and with members of the wider QPIN network and the Society of Friends.

Members of the Steering Committee (2015)

Lauren Ballester (Plymouth Monthly Meeting)

Jennifer Bing (American Friends Service Committee, Middle East program liaison)

Lauren Brownlee (Bethesda Monthly Meeting)

Lucy Duncan (Green Street Meeting) Recording Clerk

Ted Klyce (Twin Cities Friends Meeting, St. Paul)

Steve Tamari (St. Louis Friends Meeting) Clerk