Stephen Zunes lecture on Quaker Witness on Israel/Palestine, April 3rd

On April 6th, Professor of Politics and International Studies, Stephen Zunes will be giving a lecture at Pendle Hill and streaming online:

Quaker witness on Israel/Palestine has taken many forms over many decades of involvement by individual Friends and Quaker organizations, bringing both praise and intense criticism. Throughout this period, there has often been strong disagreement between those who have stressed a need to focus on working towards reconciliation between these two historically-oppressed peoples claiming the same land as theirs, and those who, in recognition of the asymmetry in power between the occupiers and those under occupation, have stressed a need for more explicit advocacy on behalf of the Palestinians. How might Friends here in the United States best address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly in light of the important role played by the U.S. government? How might we be more sensitive to anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and anti-Arab racism? Is there a unique role Friends can fill in the quest for peace and justice?”