Free Your Religious Community from HP

Even within Palestine there is no such thing as free passage for Palestinians. The land contains a complex network of walls and checkpoints that Israel uses to control Palestinian’s movement. Palestinians must use ID cards and biometric systems and are often flagged in Israeli databases and denied entry for arbitrary reasons.

Friends of SABEEL North American (FOSNA) has launched a campaign urging churches (including Quaker Meetings and other religious communities) to divest from Hewlett Packard. HP of course is a major contractor with the Israeli military. HP has built much of the IT infrastructure of the occupation that includes biometric systems at checkpoints that control Palestinian’s ability to travel though Palestine. In the spirit of apartheid era boycotts against Polaroid, who contracted with the white, South African government to make racialized ID card systems, FOSNA is urging people of faith to take a moral stand in places closest to our spiritual center–in our faith communities.

Many large Christian organizations have joined the call to divest from HP, as has Friends Fiduciary, and they are asking members of faith communities to take the next step in their communities. One church, Peace United Church of Christ in Santa Cruz, California has already agreed to divest from HP.

The campaign’s website contains a contact form to help connect those interested in starting a campaign in their religious communities with resources and add the names of faith communities pledging to become an HP Free Church. The FOSNA website also contains this useful presentation: