Five Things You Can Do to Boycott HP

HPWallimageSeveral US companies are complicit and profit from the continued occupation of Palestinian territory including Hewlett Packard which manufactures and supplies the biometric identification technologies that limit Palestinian movement and identifies them as targets for other forms of discrimination. Hewlett Packard is the largest IT supplier to the Israeli military and is profiting from the oppression of the Palestinian people. Here are five things you and your Meeting can do to put pressure on Hewlett Packard to stop profiting from human rights abuses.

1. Educate your community about HP’s connection to the Israeli military occupation. (Link to the resources listed here under “Focus on HP”)

2. Sign the petition to HP.

3. Introduce a Minute in your Monthly Meeting. A sample minute will be posted here shortly.

4. Look at your investment portfolio and divest from your HP shares.

5. Join in Holiday actions to bring attention to the HP boycott. (Stay tuned for suggestions for alternative carols and actions)


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